Ocster Backup Business

Ocster Backup Backup Business is the business edition of Ocster Backup. Based on the fully automatic and easy to use backup solution Ocster Backup Pro 5, it adds a great feature for businesses: it allows backup plans from multiple computers to be monitored from a single PC. With this the administrator or owner of the company can review all the backups with only a handful of clicks and be certain that all the computers in the office are safely backed up.
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Make this back up to FTP/SFTP, not just Ocster's own servers....

Backs up to USB drives, network shares and Ocster's private paid service only.
Dale , 04.10.2010, 08:44
45 votes Vote

Lower The Price

The Price is Too High for this Type Of Program
Rajput, 04.10.2010, 08:34
32 votes Vote

Support multi-stage storage for backups

To be secure, backups must be performed to a location other than the original disk. However, it is not always practical to connect an external hard disk or a network. However, most recent PCs offer a card reader (SD or other). I would like to...
Kevin Stock, 04.10.2010, 08:37
15 votes Vote

If you are giving away a backup system what do I do. When my OS crashes? Sell a 1 day activation code for $ 2 Details:

If you are giving away a backup system what do I do. When my OS crashes? Sell a 1 day activation code for $ 2 Details:
crimsonsword, 04.10.2010, 14:26
8 votes Vote

Save backup plan data in case of failure to create backup

I went through the process of creating a custom backup plan only to get an error message saying that it failed. Then the only option was to go back and start over. The program should have an option to save the selection of folders in case this...
Jeff Titamer, 04.10.2010, 12:43
1 vote Vote

Add option to skip errors or bad sectors in a backup set n backup everything else that it can.

And of course mark/notify which files could not be backed-up.
Adam Murphy, 05.10.2010, 07:41
1 vote Vote

Stop asking for copies of my personal data this seems very shady

Sherman Williams, 05.10.2010, 05:38
1 vote Vote

include tetris or pong style game for while waiting for backup ready

include little game for playing while backup is busy
schnulze, 05.10.2010, 04:51
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I would love to see an silent backup in the background every time I turn on the computer rather than running the backup at fixed time, since I do not really keep my laptop on all the time and not sure when I would turn it on.

Backup should start when the computer is turned on, no matter when that is
Anyi, 05.10.2010, 14:18